How One Should Apply Injection on lips

Lips can be dismaying, even for the most experienced injector. Many learner injectors desire to begin with lip procedures; however, it’s not the most pragmatic place to start. For us, generating the ideal pouty lip is what puts a smile on our own lips! Lips are my completely most liked place to inject on the face. However, in the first 6 months of our injecting profession, if a patient asked us to inject their lips, we come up with any justification as to why they shouldn’t! We set against more lips than we care to confess, only because we didn’t have a best scheme in place to address lip enlargement.

Here is an easy 6 step application for injecting a soft, beautiful lip. We utilise this procedure maximum of the time and educate it to learners all of the time. If lip forming is required, we may go ashtray from this 6 step application; however, this is a superb application for the patient who has never had their lips injected with epidermis filler. Generally, 0.5-0.7cc is used in total with these 6 injections. The cost of lip injections are reasonable and to know more about us, kindly check onto drbonaparte:

  1. Begin with the viva tract. Keeps that bay first; raising them up at least to standard position? This will start to form the lip, giving a nice balance for the nooks. Viva tract can add to an entire sad face so giving extra volume to this place will alter the downward direction of the nooks. My favourite approach is the “C” shape method of injecting filler around the viva tract.
  2. Next, inject the upper section of the cardinal border, beginning at the point of the cross bow. Utilising your 30 g needle which measures 1/2 inch from the top of the cardinal border. Inject a horizontal thread of product, generating a soft stick out bit of the border. A beautiful lip has a “white curl” where light is highlighted from the lip. With age, we lose that typical border volume. We inject straight at the joint of the cardinal and the cardinal border, where the tissue change from the skin shades to the lip shade. Inject the left upper cardinal and right upper cardinal, 1/2 inch in length beginning from the top of the crossbow.
  3. Finally, inject 2 to 3 horizontal threads along the middle feature of the lower cardinal border. These injections will add a bit volume to the lower lip, preventing the lip a bit generating a very beautiful shape.

The lips are prominent for peeving and bulging fast so this little bit of filler will be your assurance policy! I keep away the used needle, put the germ-free end-cap back on the filler and protect the syringe in a wrapper we use to decontaminate surgical instruments. This way, our filler is secured. We don’t like to change the syringe in the real packaging and seal the edges. We determine the wrapper, put it in the refrigerator and have the patient come back for fixing up in 2-4 weeks. If they don’t come back for fixing it, we throw away the filler. We only use our kept syringes for fixing it; we don’t need to be in the business of saving syringes for future surgery.