How to maintain dental implants

Everyone goes to see a dentist in his or her life sometime. For many people, visiting a dentist is not a very pleasant thought. The pain in the teeth and the swelling of gums gives you anxiety and waiting for long hours before the checkups and treatment makes you nervous. But delaying the treatment will only complicate the condition of your problem.

People face many dental problems that are treated by different dental procedures. The most common procedures are filling cavities, root canals, fixing crowns, implants and teeth whitening. For advanced dental treatment, you surely need to visit an experienced and trustable dental surgeon.

Dental implants are one of them. In case of loss of one tooth or more teeth, dental implants are recommended. This dental procedure is quite expensive than the other procedures like dentures and bridges. Artificial dentures are not comfortable while eating and speaking. Sometimes they slip out of your mouth which is quite embarrassing. Disadvantage of bridges is that they need to be attached on both sides of the lost tooth. Both sides of the tooth are ground down to hold the new replacement.

Dental implants need healthy gums and strong bones to support them. Dental implants are customized, made according to the size and color of the teeth of the patient. A dental surgeon checks the patient to see if jawbone is strong enough, so they can be fitted with the dental implants. Otherwise if the bones do not support the implant, it may need bone grafting.

Dental implants are successful most of the time and are long lasting if you take care of them through following steps:

  1. Brush your teeth properly and regularly with intra-dental brushes. This will reach areas around the implants easily.
  2. Smoking is bad, not only for your general hygiene, but also for the bones. They tend to weaken your bones and affect the implants badly.
  3. Hard foods are bad to chew with dental implants. They can break the crown. Avoid sticky foods like chewing gums, jellies and toffees are also not good for the crown because they are made of porcelain and sticky food can stick on them easily.
  4. Regular visits are recommended for the checkups of implants to avoid any problem. Cleaning after a couple of months is important for the longer life of dental implants.

Besides the regular examination, dental procedures require you to consult your dentist if you feel discomfort or pain in your dental implants to avoid further damage and suffering.