Top 5 Relaxation Techniques

Our fast-paced lifestyles have created an environment of people living with a high amount of stress daily. Stress has been shown to affects us in many ways including having a direct effect on our health. Stress has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, migraines, chronic pain, immune system issues, memory issues, skin problems, and even frequent urination. These physical effects can interfere with more than just our health. The memory issues can interfere with employment. Chronic pain can stop you from doing anything that requires physical activities. This overall effect on our lives is why learning how to use relaxation techniques has become essential. Here are the top five techniques.

  1. Meditation – To meditate you sit up straight, close your eyes, focus on reciting (out loud or silently) a positive phrase such as “I love myself”, a prayer, counting, or any phrase or word that brings about a feeling of calm in you. Doing this a few minutes a day has been shown to help you become more able to deal with stress.
  2. Exercise – Exercise is a physical way to relieve mental stress. It reduces the levels of the body’s stress hormones while increasing the body’s feel good hormones. Exercise can be running, going to the gym or even fishing.
  3. Animals – Animals are not the first form of relaxation that comes to mind. Their company is soothing enough that they are used for therapy for people that are disabled both physically and mentally. Petting animals have been shown to release the hormones that make us feel good, therefore relaxing us. Spending time with animals lowers your blood pressure and heart rate.
  4. Relaxing Music – Research has shown that music lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. People’s taste in music is different. This means you need to go through different genres of music until you find the one that produces the most relaxing feeling in you. It is helpful to have a playlist of relaxing music available to use at the moment.
  5. Deep Breathing – Is another simple one. This can be done almost anywhere. You sit up straight, close your eyes, slowly inhale through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth, and repeat. This slows your breathing. After a few minutes, your heart rate and your blood pressure will start to lower relaxing your entire body.

Relaxation techniques have been linked to several health benefits. These improvements have shown that there is a need for learning these relaxation techniques. There can be a need or want to purchase items to aid in relaxing. To keep the cost adding to your stress it is helpful to look for discounts. An online search can provide discounts. There are websites, such as, that’s sole purpose is to provide the discount codes and coupons for various merchants. When you find, yourself needing to use relaxation techniques there is always a way to do so no matter where you are at and for free.