Understanding Strength Training – Ten Things to know

Almost everyone would have heard this term at least once in their lifetime. Yes, this is such an important part of a physical exercise, whether it concerns the weight gain or the weight loss. But, just using the term often doesn’t mean that you are well aware of it. It’s really important for us to understand it completely. So, it’s time to understand strength training by learning the top ten things about this. You’re up for it, right? Then, wait no more. Go ahead and know them here…

  1. What does it mean?

This would mean the physical training, which involves weights. This is found to be useful in growing, strengthening, powering, and endurance building aspects. In general, this would involve barbells and/or dumbbells.

  1. Why you need this?

This is often included in the physical training even the participant just wants to lose his/her weight because this is found to be more effective in burning fats. In addition, I observed that this training is aiding in building muscles too! The benefits don’t stop with these. This would enhance the doer’s metabolism and would keep you stronger.

  1. Just Cardio isn’t Sufficient:

Your cardio exercises would aid in fat loss but, it would also cause the muscle loss. The cardio would be at its best only when combined with strength training. These together would calories while building the lean muscles.

  1. Age is not a limitation:

Some might be thinking that they are old for this training. This is wrong! The age will not limit the effects and even if you’re seventy years old, you could see the rapid results in just ten weeks. I would say training after forty years would make you look younger.

  1. Women can also do:

If you are of the thought that women aren’t suitable for this training, then you must change this thought.You could have heard people saying that this training would make women bulkier. But, this statement is completely wrong.

  1. No Gender Limitation:

From the above point, you might have understood that women can also go for this. But, you would be thinking that you must train differently when compared to your fellow men lifters. This again is wrong. When men can train their muscles, women can also go for it!

  1. Feel Good:

This is one of the best ways to increase your endorphin secretion that would help in enhancing your mood. Whenever you feel stressed, just go for it. I am sure that this training will change your mood and will make you feel good.

  1. Here ‘s your Ideal Plan:

So, the perfect plan is here:

  • Warm up
  • Bodyweight training
  • Free weight training
  • Cardio
  • Stretches
  1. Weight to Lift:

The weight one must lift would depend on the strength and it would be good to lift 80 to 90% of your one REP Max.

  1. Ideal Repetition Count:

The starting range would one to five for denser muscles and it could be six to twelve for endurance. As per our company’s 120 kgshttp://120kgs.comexpert team, you can even do up to eighteen to get more endurance.